XS - Jaimee Reversible Shorts in Pink Honeycomb and Purple

XS - Jaimee Reversible Shorts in Pink Honeycomb and Purple

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1 - Pink Honeycomb Latex 

2 - Purple 

Please note, this garment fits and feels like latex, however it is lined so a lot more comfortable.

There is tops in stock that match this if you search in the All garments or tops sections of this site  


XS fits a AU 6-8



Perfect for wearing on their own, or underneath skirts and dresses - these shorts are beautifully figure hugging without digging in anywhere due to the way that they are constructed.

The cut of them allows for some of your bottom to show, without it all being out! The waist sits approx. 2cm below your belly button (depending on how long your torso is)


Care Instructions:

Hand wash only in cool water, dry flat and out of direct sunlight. Due to the nature of this fabric some wear of the sparkles may appear


Additional Information:

You are able to order a customised pair of these shorts to your own specific body measurement's and colour requirements by selecting the 'Make Your Own' tab in the products section