Making Pyjama Pants with Pockets

Making Pyjama Pants with Pockets

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The weather is cooling and there is nothing better than snuggling up on the couch with your favourite movie in your favourite PJ’s and slippers. Oh, but there is… what beats this perfect picture, is being able to say you made the PJ’s yourself! Or even better still, creating them as a gift for a special friend or loved one.

In this short course, you will learn how to cut and construct your own pair of pyjama bottoms.

This is a one day class designed to inspire and fill you up with tons of tips for being able to re-create these garments again and again 

You will trace off the pattern that is the most appropriate to your body size and be welcome to keep this, perfect for making more pyjamas when you’re at home!

NEW FOR 2019: Pockets! No pyjama pants are complete without pockets, so we will work through making sure yours have them too!

Fun Fact: When Ariane learnt how to make pyjama pants many years ago, she proceeded to make 17 pairs of them at Christmas time for her friends and family. A project that took a lot longer than anticipated but gave such pleasure when gifting! A project that most probably won't be repeated, but it also won't be forgotten either


Key Take away's /Learnings from the class:

How to measure your body for a pattern and pick the size to use 

Tracing off a pattern that is most appropriate for your body size

Cutting fabrics and the importance of the grain/selvedge 

How to sew trousers - the crotch construction, why the shaping on the seam is so important 

Hemming trousers 

French seaming - for those using a sewing machine 

How to make a self-fabric waist tie 


Pre Class Requirements:

  1. Completed either the Introductory to Sewing Machine or Introductory Overlocker class using either your own machine or one of Ariane's


  1. Discussed with Ariane that you have suitable recent experience with a machine to be able to enjoy this class.

Note: This class is a perfect follow on from either of the Introductory classes as the pyjama pants can be constructed using both types of machines.


What to bring with you:

A note book

Snacks / Lunch for the break 


If you are using  an Overlocker

2.5* meters of fabric. If you would like to work with a stretch fabric please bring a fleece or Lycra. If you would like to work with woven fabrics you can bring cotton and cotton voile.

Your Overlocker, machine pedal, minimum 4 x matching threads and machine specific needles


If you are using a Sewing Machine:

2.5* meters of woven fabric such as cotton lawn, voile - non stretch. Please avoid slinky fabrics such as satin and georgette, and pre-wash the fabric to allow for shrinkage 

Your Sewing Machine, machine pedal, bobbins, threads and machine specific needles

Please Note: * you are more than likely to have fabric left over. We are advising to bring 2.5m of fabric as we do not know the width that the fabric will be or if you will need to match a print. We will work with you on the day to ensure the most economical use of the fabric

If you do not have your own Overlocker or Sewing Machine- you are welcome to use one of Ariane's - the number of these is limited, so please advise at the time of booking if you will need one so that the class numbers can be arranged correctly - thank you. If you need to use one of these machines please ensure that your fabric needs BLACK threads, as this is what the machines will be set up to use

If you would like information on purchasing an overlocker or sewing machine, please contact Ariane as she will be happy to help you with this


What would you receive:

A handmade pair of pyjama pants - made by you

A unisex paper pattern to re-create the trousers at home

Knowledge on how to safely cut your pattern while ensuring the best usage of fabrics


Class Capacity:

Capped at 4 people 


Access to the private 'Sparkle Gang Stitch' Facebook group:


You will be added to the special secret Sparkle Gang Stitch Facebook group - a place where Ariane will be sharing tips and tricks for sewing and secret ideas for how to improve your sewing. Class attendees will be encouraged to share pictures of their makes and share knowledge and ideas. Its a community were growing for the Sewing Revolution! This is the place to have access to Ariane's technical knowledge during and after the course.


Who can attend?

The classes are operated in a respectful manner and no preferences will be taken over the gender of attendees - everyone is encouraged to take part!

Anyone over the age of 18 due to the use of sewing machines


Class Length:

5.5 hours (Includes 30 min break)


Dates and Times of Classes: 

Saturday 11th May - 11.30am to 5pm



Classes will be held at Ariane's studio - 18 Dawson Street, Brunswick


Refund and Cancellation Policy:

No Refund applicable, if the class is run again you will be welcome to attend so long as you gave over 48 hours cancellation notice. Not transferable to another person. To run, this class needs a minimum of 3 attendees booked in, if this is not the case 48 hours before the class begins Ariane may be in touch to re-schedule to another date


A final note:

The patterns used and kept as part of this course are authorised to be used at home for domestic use. They are not authorised to be used for commercial garment production. If this is an area you would like help with, please advise Ariane – she will quote accordingly


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